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Futurism Art

A new international movement in the art world “Futurism” was started in 1909 in Italy. Compared to the emotional aspects of Romanticism, Futurism is a nice contrast. Based around the finer points of natural noise that occurs in cities, from machines, and daily life, and thriving on speed and pace, Futurism was a new direction. […]

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Bizarre car designs

There amazing and interesting designs coming out of the auto industry yearly. Some are strange, some are innovative, some push the limits of design and technology. Many of the more interesting designs start as concept cars, that don’t always make it to the production line. Not all innovative designs are strange of course, for example […]

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Science News

Two scientists who work for NASA have discovered the lightest black hole known to date. This lightweight black hole has a mass which is approximately 3.8 times more than the sun, and is only 15 miles in diameter. This particular black hole is approaching what is thought to be the minimum size that is needed […]

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Haunted Lighthouses

Fuel for ghostly stories, and spooky tales, the isolation and darkness associated with life in a lighthouse is a prime reason for these desolate places are the birthplace of some very interesting, if not dark, stories. Many legends about lighthouse keepers and their families along with tales of a supernatural nature have developed over the […]

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There existed many a historical design, which deserved to be constructed today, and many of which would form the basis of new designs. We are sadly mistaken if we believe that 20th Century boat design is a steady evolution from primitive older boats to modern sophisticated boats. Sure there have been some real concrete developments […]

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