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Have you ever sat outside on the porch looking up at the twinkling stars, wondering about the secrets that are hidden among them? There are many mysteries that the stars in the night sky conceal. Most of these hidden stories are unknown to millions around the globe. A Glance at History Stellar explosions are blasts […]

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Search for Videos

Searching for Videos ? Searchvideos.ws lets you search and easy find videos from across the Web, it display most relevant results and icons for an easy navigation. Give it a try !

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Dark Matter

For more than 70 years Scientists have been perplexed because galaxy clusters have too much gravity to be explained by the amount of visible matter alone. Something strange and unseen must be causing the gravity; otherwise they should have flown apart by now. This traditional explanation is that a form of dark invisible matter makes […]

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Amazing Peek Search Engine

Searches web, images, video, audio, news and blogs, the Peek search engine has a cool, useful, unique AJAX feature that lets users save useful results to a handy list at the right hand side. They can delete them from the list too. It works without registering as its all stored in cookies. The search engine […]

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Turn back Time

Time travel has always captivated the hearts and minds of people everywhere, and given the chance, few would turn down the opportunity to rewind their life and alter some detail. A group of Russian scientists now claim that time travel could be closer than ever before. They plan to utilize CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) […]

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