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bulbsIt turns out that the propensity to purchase essential goods “as a reserve” is not common only for the residents of the former USSR. Western Europe, spoiled by a surplus, is now also faced with this phenomenon. Instead of Russian buckwheat, traditional salt, matches and toilet paper, the local citizens are sweeping filament bulbs off the shelves. Continue Reading »

timeA group of physicists from the United States and Japan argued that, according to their calculations, there is a 50% probability that the time will “cease to flow” in the next 3.7 billion years. However, other theorists are extremely skeptical about their conclusions, calling the authors “sophists.” Continue Reading »

sunA frightening forecast was published recently by experts of Space Agency NASA. According to American astronomers, in 2013, after years of hibernation, the Sun will wake up, and Earth will be threatened with unfortunate consequences. Widespread outbreaks on the hot star can lead to a global failure of satellite communications. As a result, the planet is awaiting chaos Continue Reading »

human brrainIf someone put you in an empty white room with no furniture, no doors or windows, no clock … you would begin to lose track of time. For a few days, your mind will detect the passage of time feeling the internal reactions of the body, including heart rate, sleep cycles, hunger, thirst and blood pressure. Continue Reading »

titicaca lakeThe director of Naval Hydrography in Bolivia confirmed the possibility of declaring a drought alert for Titicaca Lake because its waters are down to only 15 centimeters from the level that would require a state of emergency. Continue Reading »

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